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  • How do I drink 310 premium non alcoholic beverages?
    Our “mocktails” are ready to drink, simply fill a glass with ice and pour your desired cocktail to the top. Approx measure should be 3 parts ice to 1 part cocktail mix ,this can be adjusted to personal taste. Our “GinFree” should be used as a gin substitute, simply pour GinFree over ice and top off with tonic water or a soft drink of your choice. Approx measure should be 1 part ice 2 parts tonic and 1 part ginfree. Alternatively 3 parts ice to 1 part ginfree.
  • Does the 310 premium range contain alcohol?
    All our products are completely alcohol free.
  • Where do I find nutritional data?
    All nutritional information can be found on the back labels of our bottles.
  • Is the 310 premium range Vegan?
    All of our products are vegan and vegetarian
  • How do I purchase wholesale quantiities?
    Please contact us at for wholsesale quantities or to become a stockist/distributor.
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